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IOC Embarrassed?

An excerpt from an IOC-BOGOC press conference held today was posted on chinamediablog.com.  In it, reporter Alex Thompson asks an IOC spokeswoman five times whether the IOC is “embarrassed” about Beijing’s performance with regard to human rights promises.

A grilling at the Olympics

In the interest of fairness, we’d like to excerpt the response of Beijing Olympic Committee secretary Wang Wei: Continue reading


China protest zones unused

The three parks that China designated protest zones are going unused, although its not for lack of trying.

Below is a quick link to a New York Times article on the three so-called “Protest Zones” established in Beijing during the Olympics.  (It should be pointed out that World Park is quite a distance from central Beijing.)


In an authoritarian country that bans almost all forms of public protest, the newfound openness seemed too good to be true. And it was.  


Five days after the Olympics began, not a single demonstration had taken place in the official protest zones. The authorities have declined to say whether any applications have been approved, and they did not acknowledge the detention of would-be demonstrators.

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