The Bagel is Back!

We’ve been on hiatus for about six weeks in order to get work done IRL.  But with the election in full swing, and with the financial world entering the apocalypse, it’s time to get to re-enter the world of hyperlinks, trackbacks, and snarky comments.

To commemorate our re-launch, we’ll be running three substantive posts this week: the first about a pair of notable advertising campaigns, the second about the EFF’s suit to end the warrantless wiretapping program, and the third on the media coverage of the Wall Street bailout proposal, which failed today.

But first, an acknowledgment: the Bagel was wrong.  Sen. Dodd was not selected as Barack Obama’s running matel; that job went to Sen. Joe Biden.  Likewise, our un-published prediction that Sen. McCain would choose Lindsay Graham or Olympia Snowe went unfulfilled, although there’s a slim chance that Graham may get the job after all.


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