American travels to Tibet, stirs up trouble

A quick link to the story of a Chinese-American young woman who, in a sort of quarter-life crisis, takes up pro-Tibet activism and makes a pilgrimage there.  (This seems to be based on the Huffpo blogger’s interview of the woman alone.)

A plain-clothed Chinese man was holding up his cell phone unusually high in her direction. Wen didn’t think anything of it, but as she was walking down, the police officer who had come to her room and threatened her the night before, stopped her and told her to follow him to the police station. “I thought, this is it. I can’t believe I took those pictures.”

What’s striking to me is that her American nationality was of no help when Ms. Novick was detained by Chinese authorities, because she was traveling under her Taiwanese passport, and so was treated as a Chinese citizen, without consular protection.

One response to “American travels to Tibet, stirs up trouble

  1. ibrahim binshahbal

    nice article.

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